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Janet’s book and the Bazi profiling offered new insights to understanding self and the various elements that influence one’s ability to achieve success at work and personal life.  If you have ever wondered why some people achieve success easily compared to others who have put in an equal amount of effort, this is the book to read. It offers a new dimension to those who are keen to learn and transform their lives.”

Ms Melissa Kee, Asia Pacific Talent Management Director, Global MNC





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“Bazi profiling is not fortune telling. It is a tool that helps us understand the inborn personalities of ourselves and others.  Through this analysis, one can influence positive behaviour.  Janet has used this tool to assist me in understanding certain characteristics and behaviours; and in turn provide an insight on how to influence desired behaviours and develop talents within my team.”

Ms Ong SL, CFO, a Singapore Listed Company






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“Our company has been engaging Janet’s professional service for the past few years.  She has been effective in giving advice on the configuration and seating arrangement for our key personnel in both our office and the workshop areas.  In the course of adopting her advice, our company business has been progressing well and teamwork of our workforce has been encouraging.  One other aspect of Janet’s service – being the ability to analyse the Bazi profiles of our key personnel, this has helped us a great way in better managing and deploying them effectively.”

Mr Udomdech ChakaewThe General Manager, EPC Contractor Company,Thailand




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“I consulted Janet in a period when I was looking for direction and answers to my next steps in life and work.  By only giving my date and time of birth, she was able to provide a full profile on my characteristics.  Not only was it clear for me where the challenges were but I also got the answers on why things are what they are for me.  Based on my elements, I was able to draw conclusions that allowed me to decide on my next move.  In the meantime, I have left Singapore to pursue a new job in Germany.  My doubts were taken away based on my conversations with her and the underlying explanations based on a methodology and not pure luck.  Thank you, Janet all the best for you!”

Mr Hein van GastelVice President, Logistics for fashion retailer, Germany




testimonial 5

“I was going through one ‘bad patch’ after another. Work had to be done but wasn’t happening.  Little emergencies kept me away from office constantly.  My parents were taking turns to fall sick – sometimes requiring hospitalization.

I had to split my time between tending to matters at home and in the office.  My assistant in the office was under-performing. I was getting angry with her lackadaisical attitude – my absence from office did not help one bit.  I knew she was a good assistant, but why wouldn’t she see that it was then that I needed her the most?

Nothing was happening as it ought to.  I didn’t even get time to feel frustrated.
A friend introduced me to Ms Janet Yung.  What was the harm in trying to realign, I thought, as I made an appointment with her in my office.
Ms Yung interpreted my Bazi profile. I also requested her to read my assistant’s Bazi.  Based on my Bazi profile, she recommended that I needed to make changes to the way I worked, as well as to the way I instructed work.  My assistant’s profile revealed that I was not approaching her the way that she needed to be instructed.  I also understood her “operation manual”, i.e., the way to get optimum performance from her.  I made the changes recommended by Ms Yung together with the suggestion to a few changes to the arrangements of furniture in my office, which were not difficult to implement, still wondering whether anything was going to change.

The results were pretty immediate.  I found myself more settled in office. The mountains of backlog were starting to move.  My helper was more responsive to my instructions.  With the work flow improvement, and more time in the office, I was able to improve my cash flow as well.  I could see that the months of agony were slowly dissolving away.”

Ms Devi Haridas, Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore


testimonial 6“Janet has been my fengshui consultant for the last 9 years since 2006. Since then I consulted her whenever I started a new centre and she did my yearly fengshui audits.

She helped me to create a 35m business by 2011. My home is done by her and I am very happy with the results I have received.  When she introduced the Bazi profiling system, we were able to allow the key management to be put into a well-structured team. Janet could explain why some staff are especially suited to certain roles in the company. By allowing the various members of the team to focus on their strengths, it allowed the company to better use of resources.”

Mr Ananda Raja, Founder & Chairman, Atos Wellness Group, Singapore





testimonial 7“The interesting thing about my Bazi profile is that it confirmed my understanding of my personality enabling me to better comprehend my decision making process.  It allowed me to make better decisions as I understood how my personality affected the decisions I make.”

Mr Alvin Wan, Managing Director, Allport Cargo Services Pte Ltd, Singapore








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“The Bazi career profile from Janet is simple and easy to understand.  It helps one to find a balance in their career based on their profile.  This will make one happier and achieve tranquillity in work, and will have a positive effect on other areas in life.”

Arnold, Industrial Engineer, MNC Logistics Company, Singapore








testimonial 9

“The Bazi profile analysis helped to open my mind to look at things in life at another angle.  It also provides pretty accurate hidden qualities, strengths, weaknesses of oneself, which I was unaware in the past.  From my personal experience, it has been extremely accurate and therefore makes me think twice before making a final decision and to put concentration on what is needed (weaknesses).  Bazi analysis can also give a good indication at what is going to come so that i can be both mentally and physically prepared for.

I am motivated and am looking forward to my next 40 years in life after the bazi analysis reading, where important milestones were depicted, as well as crucial phases in my life stage being mapped out. And as such I would be able to help myself carve a successful path for myself and my family.  It has in fact instilled my interest in taking a holistic approach towards living life meaningfully.”

Mr Max Wong, Principal and Education Consultant, one of Singapore‘s largest education chain




testimonial 10“For many years, I struggled to be the model employee that my employer/ industry asked for.  I often feel disgruntled and often ask myself if I was doing the right thing, and if I was doing the things that I really want to do.  For example, I often had to get involve in mediation and conflict management which was not of second nature to me and deep down inside, I really don’t want to do it.  I was really one who just wants to “go about minding my own business.”

I have been consulting Janet for my home fengshui audit for many years and was introduced to the Bazi Profiling system in 2013 which was covered in “ Being happy and successful at work and in your career”.

I strongly believe that our 8 characters (Bazi) define who we are and the analysis by Janet also confirms so.  After reading the book, I was able to accept that I truly can be happy and successful at the time without having to live up to the expectations of the other people around me.  As such, I try to tweak the scope of responsibility at work and never felt more balanced.  Although I had quit my job a year ago and am currently working part-time (to care for my son), I know for a fact that the day when I am ready to go back to full time employment, I will ensure that the job scope and responsibility complements my personality traits so as to minimise the flaws and weakness that might manifest.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get an in-depth understanding of their career traits, which will enable them to focus and work on their strengths to become competencies.”

Helen Ong, Ex-Sales Director, UK MNC


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“A uniquely Asian Concept for Leadership and Organizational Development, Janet has been able to move from simplifying the concepts of Bazi or commonly known as the “Four Pillars of Destiny”, to now focusing on the applications of this incredibly practical system in organizations. Being Happy and Successful allows the reader to understand how he/she can impact others utilizing what is learned from Bazi.  Finally Asia has a book that can be the basis of Leadership and Organizational Development based on Chinese Metaphysics and Astrology that dates 2000 years. Janet’s latest book is sure to make a huge impact on leaders and their organizations in Asia and everywhere.”

Benjamin Q. AvancenaCEO & Senior Partner, OneAsia Healthcare Solutions Pte Ltd, Asia Pacific





“This 2,000 – year – old Bazi technique is to us a scientific way of character analysis – similar to how chemistry works in people’s interaction. The child’s Bazi career profile – spells out the child’s temperament, personality and their strength and forte. Based on that, we guided our children on their career path. It also gives us an insight on how or whether each of our children can or cannot help in the various aspects of our business.

Based on the children’s profile, we are able to gauge their strengths or weaknesses and thus guide them to take up a specialty or career which suits their character. For instance, one of my child’s profile shows that she is sociable, communicative and loves interaction – based on that we advised her to choose a specialty in the medical field which gives her the opportunity to practice and interact with her patients and not be too research based.  For another, as we wanted her to inherit our business, we expected her to know and be hands-on when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the entire business operations. However, my child has a career Main profile of a Philosopher and just does not attend to the implementation or execution details of the projects at hand. After consulting Janet, we realise that those with a Philosopher profile needs subordinates to assist them to carry out their creative ideas and plans.  So we appointed staff and delegated the administrative roles to support her.

Since knowing the Bazi profile of each in the family, we are more tolerant of each other’s temperament and “weird” behaviour as we realise that certain profile emits certain behaviour and way of thinking. We learn how to communicate better and more effectively with our family members who think and behave differently from ourselves.” 

A Family from Bukit Timah, Singapore


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