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Why Do We Do Things The Way We Do?

“I am uncomfortable with this new task.”

“I am stressed out as I can’t seem to fit into this new company…”

“We are adjusting to you, just like you are trying to adapt to us…”


These are parts of recent conversations that I had with my clients, ex-colleagues and friends.  With the ever changing corporate landscape – and the looming threat of a recession, many executives are feeling insecure, worrying about their future and having job jitters and anxieties.

Each of us has our own way of thinking and processing information:

I wrote (in “Different Strokes for Different Folks –”) that each of us has our own way of thinking, processing information, solving problems, communicating and handling others.  When faced with a change, a new work environment, a restructure from the old to the new, everyone has a preference for how we will handle a project, task or deliver an objective.

When we feel uncomfortable at work, it is usually not because of our capability in delivering the targets and objectives but how we feel about fitting in the company culture, and the interaction style differences with our immediate superior or colleagues.

Shown below are the five different approaches based on the time-tested Asian Personality Profiling System – Bazi:

TPPC training Tool2

Bazi Profile Approaches


Details in Being Happy and Successful – Managing Yourself and Others

If we have a preference for the analysis or thinking-oriented approach, we will feel extremely uncomfortable if we have to take quick decisions and actions when we do not have enough time to research and gather information.

Similarly, if our preference is for action-taking, it is extremely unnerving when we are placed in a position where our main job role or function is focused on research and strategic thinking without the authority to delegate and take action.

What’s important is to understand the approach you are comfortable with – to identify or work with someone who is able to complement your approach in delivering the objectives; and to understand others’ approach vs yours, so that you can map out an appropriate strategy to handle the situation.

Watch this short video to understand the five approaches:



In today’s challenging environment, when utilizing the right person in the right situation, and with the correct approach applied by the person in the appropriate scenario, everyone (both the individual and the organization) can benefit:


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
― Michael Jordan

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
― Phil Jackson


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